Access control systems

ALARM SOLUTIONS offers you a variety of complexity and functionality of the access control system solutions. We offer a proven, well-known systems and solutions to manufacturers of products such as BOSCHSchneider ElectricSIEMENS and many others. Our experienced team is familiar with market trends and helps you to choose the most appropriate system solutions. We are always open to new, the innovation motivates us to keep moving forward.

WHAT IS ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM? Access control systems prevent unauthorized access or movement in your property, and provide flow control of employees and customers, which is a very important prerequisite for the development of reliable and safe work environment. Company management is fully aware of any employee or customer's location in time and space. It`s also able to restrict access to certain days or times. Access control system can be used as a personnel record system, it can resolve the problems with the time tracking and security related issues. The system greatly reduces the risks associated with unauthorized access to restricted areas, as well as access to confidential information.

Access control systems can be combined with the security and video surveillance systems that tie in with other internal systems, providing maximum system interaction, which significantly increases the company's internal security.

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